Non - elastic bands

ταινιες μη ελαστικες

Non - elastic bands

Webbing tapes, cotton and pst, Gro tapes, Hanging tapes, Satin tapes, Organza, Heavydutytapes – Belts

A huge category in our commercial section is that of non-elastic bands.Their applications are almost limitless in clothes, shoes, bags and more.

  • Webbing tapes, cotton and pst
  • Gro tapes
  • Hanging tapes
  • Satin tapes
  • Organza
  • Heavydutytapes – Belts

These are only some of the variety of products that belong to the category of non-elastic bands.

ελβιετ ελαστικές ταινίες
ελβιετ ελαστικές ταινίες
ελβιετ σατεν ταινια

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Non – elastic bands